More about cork flooring

Our cork flooring comes in two different formats: glue-down cork tiles and floating cork flooring. Both have as their primary material the bark of the cork oak (quercus suber), an evergreen which grows up to 20m high and whose forests support a diverse ecosystem, including endangered species such as the Iberian lynx.

Cork flooring has excellent natural sound and thermal insulation, it’s comfortable underfoot and extremely durable. Naturally resistant to bacteria and allergen-free it is also a great choice for those concerned about sustainability.

The process of harvesting cork does not involve felling – it is simply removed from the living tree, which will continue to be productive for up to 200 years. Expert workers (in Portugal this is the highest paid job in agriculture) chop the bark off in large chunks once every nine years.  

Advances in surface treatments mean that cork flooring for kitchens and cork tiles for bathrooms are both practical choices, as the material is rendered water-resistant and extra durable by the application of proprietory laquers.

In addition, the classic cork floor styles have been supplemented by a huge variety of alternative grains and colourways, making this material a favourite among architects and interior designers.

We will soon be offering our own high-quality cork flooring and cork tiling on this website….watch this space!