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Pet friendly flooring can make all the difference for your pet and you, with easy to maintain options, and durable options that are comfortable for your pets. In the UK 41% of households have a cat or a dog living with them. That’s not far off half of all homes in Britain who have to take into consideration their pets when it comes to interior design. And things to look out for could be everything from moulting and fur problems, claws and scratching, food spillages, soiling or simply trailing mud into the home.

Pet friendly flooring optionsOne area that suffers most from having four legged friends around is the floor. Pet friendly flooring can make all the difference between having a harmonious home between pet and owner and a battleground. Durable flooring for pets can come in several options with the best flooring for dogs and cats dependant on your budget, taste and design requirements. And there is a now a much wider range of options to choose from including dog friendly kitchen flooring as well as flooring choices for pets in the living room. It’s also important to remember that while suitable flooring for pets is what you might be looking for, the flooring has to work for everyone else in the house too.

Vinyl Flooring

As a pet-friendly flooring option, vinyl can be a great choice. It performs well as it can be resistant to scratching from claws, is waterproof and due to a specially formulated easy clean top layer, it doesn’t stain easily either. We sell vinyl in sheet form too so for a smooth, seamless floor it also means that there are minimal joins for liquids to seep into. Our vinyl maintenance guide will also help you ensure that your new floor lasts even longer with some practical tips, and if you’re laying your vinyl flooring yourself then our guide to installation will help too.

pet friendly flooring ukOur vinyl also comes with an anti-bacterial treatment. This means that if your pet has an accident on the floor or brings in something unhygienic in from outside it’s got less chance of something forming and growing – even if it doesn’t get cleaned up immediately. As well as this, due to the high quality cushioned backing of our vinyl sound absorption is 19 decibels so unusually high which means that you won’t be disturbed too much by the sound of your pet’s paws racing around on it.

Rubber Flooring

While you may think about rubber flooring as a commercial flooring solution, it is fast becoming a fashionable option for the home not least because of its durability – making it a great alternative flooring for pets. As a natural material it is resistant to staining and stands up well to tears and scratches. It’s also soft under foot and like cork and vinyl floors is also cleans easily and absorbs sound well.

The one drawback you might consider with a rubber flooring option for your home, is that although generally quite stain resistant, it can be affected by prolonged exposure to acidic liquids such as urine. This would need to be a something to bear in mind if you have puppies or kittens who are not yet house trained. Although damage is done by a sustained period of exposure it’s certainly something to bear in mind. Our guide to cleaning and looking after your rubber floor will help to minimise any potential damage that your flooring may encounter.

Cork Flooring

Cork flooring for pets can offer a great solution to the pet problems that we mentioned earlier. Like vinyl, it’s got antimicrobial properties which can help keep the rooms germ-free. Cork flooring is one of the best flooring solutions for absorbing sound and what’s more it’s warm and soft underfoot so it certainly help to minimise the sound of pounding paws. Cork flooring is also pretty good when it comes to claws on the surface, it’s not completely scratch resistant but it will take a certain amount of clawing before you start to see marks.

best pet friendly flooringAs with any of the floors that we sell, the simple maintenance tips we provide will prolong the life of your floor. Just because something is classed as pet-friendly flooring, it doesn’t mean that it can be left alone as your pet goes about its business on there. Our advice on cork flooring maintenance will again give you hints and tips on minimising the damage and ensure that your cork floor will last for years to come.


Carpet is not one of the most pet friendly flooring options that are out there. Carpet accounts for 57% of flooring sales in the UK which means that there are a significant number of households that have a pet with carpet in their house. Carpet can stain easily and dogs may have a tendency to chew at the edges while cats’ may claw at it. As for the bugs and mini beasts that could go on living in the carpet after your pet has brought them in, you might want to get a professional in to clean your carpets on a regular basis.

Laminate Flooring

While this doesn’t have the same issues as carpet, laminate flooring is probably not one of the best pet friendly flooring types available. Firstly it can warp quite badly when it gets wet so a spilled drinking bowl or an puppy’s accident could cause permanent damage to your floor. Plus when it does get wet, it can get very slippery which is not ideal particularly for dogs who may be prone to dashing about.

While laminate might be a better option for flooring for pets than carpet, there are still some pet friendly flooring ideas which will work out better for you and your cat or dog.


To help protect your floor from your pet’s habits and activities there are some alternatives to look at. While we discussed that carpet is probably the least practical flooring for pets, there are compromises to be made. If you are really keen on carpet then maybe think about a rug. That way the rug can be removed and cleaned separately or changed if necessary without having to re-do the entire room.

In addition, bedding or areas for your pet to sleep in can really help to minimise the area that your cat or dog monopolises meaning that you can control your pet’s impact on the room and floor.

Having a dedicated bed for your pet means that if they always gravitate to that area then the shedding of fur, food and other issues of mess will be concentrated in that one space. It means that this single area can be the focus of your maintenance and cleaning and so hopefully make life a lot easier. A bed for your pet is also really important. Just like with humans they are at their best after a good night’s sleep and so this needs to be thought carefully about. The importance of a good bed extends to more than your cat’s comfort or your puppy’s pleasure, it’s key to a happy, clean and harmonious home.

Best Bedding Options

You may not be aware of the options that are available for pet beds but our philosophy is a simple one. If you’re willing to go to great lengths for a good looking floor, why wouldn’t you choose a bed for your pet in the same vein? After all, it’s going to be a significant part of your room, just like the flooring.

Pet flooring and furnitureYour pet’s bed is still a piece of furniture and it needs to fit into your room’s style which is why we like the range at Scott’s of London. Their luxury dog beds come in real and faux leather options with other fabrics to match your room too. Handmade and built to last, they ensure that your dog will hopefully be perfectly happy and relaxed. Their furniture comes in sizes suitable for all sizes of dogs and cats and can be large enough to fit more than one if necessary.

If you’re looking for a more contemporary style to suit your room we also like the dog beds on offer at Style Tails. It provides a modern, design-led approach to pet living with a range of colours and styles to match contemporary living areas. They have a range of amazing feline furniture which also caught our eye.

flooring suitable for petsThe reality is that having a cat or a dog as a pet in the house will always bring issues, challenges and incidents. Hopefully that is all far outweighed by the fun, love, companionship and joy that comes with owning a pet. There is no perfect pet flooring solution but the most important thing is that there are options to suit different homes, styles, pets and requirements. We’ve presented some of the best pet friendly flooring options that are out there so you can find a fit for your pet, your home, your budget and your lifestyle.

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Pet Friendly Flooring

Pet friendly flooring can make all the difference for your pet and you, with easy to maintain options, and durable options that are comfortable for your pets...


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