Stylish Rubber Floor Tiles

If the last decade was all about the feature wall, we have now moved into the era of the statement floor. Gone are the days of dreary designs in whatever colours the manufacturers chose to roll them out in. Decorating from the ground up has become a key trend as gorgeous modern parquets, encaustic patterned tiles and fashionable vinyls have all recently launched on the market.

It used to be that we didn’t really start thinking about flooring, one of the most dominant features of the room, until we are quite far down the design process. The floor was often underestimated and frequently overlooked as a design feature. Traditionally we thought of floors in terms of practicality and durability, rather than how they could enhance our living spaces.

Triangle Rubber Floor Tiles
However, times are changing and according to Edition Magazine & House Beautiful, are putting more emphasis and budget into their rooms’ flooring. It’s been a long time coming. The colour of the flooring is an obvious one when you’re thinking about which flooring style is best and it really can be a great starting point. A classic choice is conventional grey or taupe which can bring a neutral, chic feeling to any interior. But there are plenty more adventurous options out there. Yellow, reds and oranges can be used to create a warm, intimate atmosphere or add contemporary pops of colour. Blackened hues and dark charcoals can feel classy and luxurious while currently the deepest midnight blues and gorgeous turquoisey greens are having a moment.

The trend for fabulous geometric flooring has been around for a while now. As a flooring option for your home, our rubber triangle tiles are versatile enough to provide you with virtually any flooring design layout that you can imagine. Have you seen a living room floor design that you like that you can emulate or a kitchen floor layout that you’d like to copy? Then the chances are, with our rubber triangle tiles, we can help you get pretty close. Alternatively, you can go your own way and mix and match patterns, colours and styles.

We’ve spent a lot of time experimenting and it’s true to say that triangles are actually much more versatile than meets the eye. Play around with our triangle tiles to make stripes, squares, lines, diamonds and more. And gone are the days when tiles just came in black and white. There are ten vibrant tile colours to choose from to create anything from a geometric modern floor to a completely personal random pattern.

best rubber floor tiles
Rubber flooring has really come on in the last few years and there’s more and more homes across the UK that have installed it. In the past, after fitting, rubber flooring used to have to be treated with fiddly and time-consuming protective coating that had to be re-applied over time. Recent developments in manufacturing means our rubber is now made with a special polymeric coating which means it doesn’t require any laborious sealant or special treatment. With this rubber flooring you literally just lay it and it’s ready to be walked on straight away.

Once your floor is down, you don’t really want it taking up too much of your time which is why it’s great from an easy maintenance point of view. A mop and some hot water is pretty much all it needs. Simply follow our basic rules here and you’ll be good to go.

On top of that the green credentials of our rubber is second to none. It has been the recipient of some of the most prestigious eco awards available including the BRE and Blue-Angel certifications. It’s not surprising it has become the go-to flooring choice for many major architects practices. As well as that as a sound proof option, rubber flooring is one of the very best for noise reduction.

As you can see above, the style can fit almost anything you have in mind for practically any room in the house. The beauty of a rubber flooring solution is that you can pretty much have it your way but there’s so much more to it than the design and style.

All our rubber flooring comes with a 10-year guarantee so it can offer a fantastic return on your investment to guarantee a long lasting flooring solution. It’s also great for homes with pets and offers one of the best pet friendly flooring options there is.  

Hopefully, like us, you’re seeing rubber flooring solutions and triangle tiles in a whole new light. Since launching our triangle tiles we are proud of the number of lovely bespoke floors (and happy customers) they have made. We supply not only rubber flooring solutions but a wide range of flooring options. And it’s suitable for use as commercial flooring as well as domestic. Take a look at all the options on our website and if you have any questions please get in touch, our helpful team would be happy to discuss your floor options and we can even help you find a professional floor fitter if you need one.