Modern Vinyl, Rubber and Cork Flooring




Okofloor’s durable wear layer means it is simple and to clean and maintain. In light domestic settings, it may be enough to simply sweep or Hoover regularly and then wash your floor with a damp cloth or mop.

Always use a door mat near external doors. After floor laying is completed, lay protective sheets on the floor covering to avoid unnecessary damage by heavy equipment, furniture, or any other work that will be completed after the floor installation.

Always fit protective soft feet to furniture, tables and chair legs to prevent scratching. Protective feet must have a suitable size in order to spread the load on a larger surface. Special care should be taken with folding chairs to ensure their footprint is large enough to avoid lateral pressure causing permanent indentation.


• Remove all loose debris and dust with a broom or vacuum.

• Clean the floor covering with a suitable PU cleaner, eg Dr Schutz PU cleaner using a mop.

• In case of heavy dirt, clean the flooring using a low speed monobrush equipped with light abrasive disc (red disc in the 3M scale).


• Remove dust, dirt and stains from the floor.

• Clean with a broom and damp cloth or mop, a micro-fibre mop or vacuum may also be used. For heavy soiling, add a suitable PU cleaner, eg Dr Schutz PU cleaner, to the water for mopping.

• In case of heavy dirt, clean the flooring using a suitable automatic scrubber-dryer with a red cleaning pad or a medium-bristle scrubbing brush.

• All substances that form stains or are aggressive must be removed from Okofloor immediately. When treating stains with cleaning agents or stain removers, a material compatibility test should be conducted first. Attention should be paid to the manufacturer’s instructions.

• Chair and/or furniture castor wheels must be soft, type W according to the EN 12529.

• Like all floors, scratching can occur when dirt or sharp or heavy objects are pulled across the surface, so common-sense steps should be taken to avoid this possibility. And as with all elastic floor coverings, heavy localised loads on a small contact area can lead to irreversible dents or damage. As necessary, use suitable matting or material underneath to spread the load.

• The slip resistance of floor coverings can be reduced by dirt build-up and the cleaning or care products used. Please use only cleaning and care products from one manufacturer that have been coordinated for use with each other. Scouring powders, sanitary-ware cleansers, acids or strong solvents can lead to damage to the flooring surface. Coloured antiseptics and skin disinfectants can also cause irreversible discolouration or staining.

• In the kitchen avoid damage from appliances by placing a sheet of hardboard between the appliance and the floor. When moving the appliance simply slide from one hardboard sheet to another. Take care with dragging heavy domestic appliances or furniture across the floor as, without protection, it could also damage the floor.

• Take care with cigarettes, kitchen utensils, hot or heavy objects which if dropped can damage the floor covering

• Pets' claws can sometimes cause surface scratching.

• All floorcoverings are affected by direct sunlight and are prone to colour fading. Keep blinds closed and direct sunlight off the floor on sunny days when possible and move area rugs and furnishings to allow for even colour change.

• Ensure any mats, rugs, bins or other objects placed on the flooring are colourfast and suitable for use with Okofloor.

These instructions make no claim to be comprehensive. For more detailed information and technical questions, please contact The Colour Flooring Company

Modern Vinyl, Rubber and Cork Flooring