About Cork


Our cork flooring is made using the bark of the cork oak (quercus suber), an evergreen which grows up to 20m high. The bark has a honeycomb cell structure with exceptional insulating properties, which evolved to protect the tree from winter freezes and summer bush-fires.

All of our cork comes from a 700,000-hectare forested ecosystem in southern Portugal known as the Montado, which supports many endangered species including the Iberian lynx, the Imperial eagle, wolves and wild bears.

These cork forests have provided a livelihood for local residents for centuries, and also make a significant
contribution to reducing global warming,
capturing an estimated 5 percent of the country’s annual CO2
emissions, or 4.8 million tons per year.

The process of harvesting cork does not involve felling – it is simply removed from the living tree, which will continue to be productive for up to 200 years. Expert workers (this is the highest paid job in Portuguese agriculture) carve the bark off once every nine years. The first harvest takes place only 25 years after planting. Our flooring is made by combining the natural properties of cork with state of the art technology, to achieve a
multilayered tile of unrivalled quality and durability.

Floating cork innovative and practical

Fitting couldn’t be simpler. Click planks into place with our quick, clean installation system – floating cork can be laid easily on top of any hard floor with no need for gluing.

  1. Protective wear layer for durability and easy maintenance

  2. Cork top layer for a beautiful surface finish

  3. Agglomerated cork layer for sound insulation, warmth and comfort

  4. HDF layer with patented lock system for easy installation

  5. Integrated cork underlay for strength and extra sound and thermal insulation