Modern Vinyl, Rubber and Cork Flooring



It's important to measure up carefully. To make sure you order enough flooring, you should measure the maximum width and length of the room including any recess or doorway. We recommend you add 16cm on to each dimension to allow for wastage. 

Put those dimensions into our calculator and it will then work out how much you need. If you have an irregular-shaped room, or want to keep wastage to an absolute minimum, though, we recommend you draw a floor plan and calculate for yourself. We don't take responsibility for any shortfall in, or surplus of, material resulting from use of the Flooring Calculator.

Our flooring comes on a roll so the amount you need won't necessarily be the same as the total area of your room: it has to be a multiple of the width of the roll.

We appreciate it can all get a bit complicated when it comes to working out the area of flooring you need. That's why we also provide a special service to help you work it out. Simply contact us and we'll crunch the numbers for you.


Modern Vinyl, Rubber and Cork Flooring