Rubber Flooring Technical Specifications

Total thickness 3mm
Roll width 1.90m
Roll length 10m
Abrasion resistance 165mm3 (ISO 4649)
Residual indentation 0.08mm (EN433)
Fire-proof Bfl-S1 (EN13501-1)
Hardness 85 ± 5 Shore A (ISO 7619)
Classification U4, P3, E2, C1 (UPEC)
Colour fastness to artificial light Grey scale ≥ grade 3 (EN20 105-B02 Met. 3)
Improvement in footfall sound absorbtion 10dB approx (ISO 10140-3)
Dimension stability ±0.3% (EN434 )
Anti-slip performance  0.30 DS (EN13893)
Flexibility Fulfilled (EN435 procedure A)

Thermal resistance and conductivity 0,020 m2 K/W,  0,15 W/mK (EN 12667)